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We are a West London based organisation providing support to women in Greater London, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire areas.


Maendeleo was established for the protection of the rights of vulnerable women and children in the UK.

Our Core Values
Bravery & Strength


faithfulness, harmony

Wisdom, ingenuity, 

intelligence & patience

Safety, Security

Our mission is to promote the rights and welfare of Caribbean, African and Asian women and children, to empower them to live a life free from domestic abuse and all other forms of VAWG.


We aim to work in partnership with other organisations where we deliver support to women and girls using creative tools to share awareness of Violence Against Women and Girls, how it impacts on day to day life, how we can break the cycle of abuse against women and girls.


How we aim to deliver our mission:


  • Advice and advocacy service

  • Practical support and awareness

  • Community-based workshops promoting equality and diversity

  • Accessing specialist services

  • Enabling young women to access appropriate and specialist support

  • Empower and educate young women and girls to raise their voices and enable them to take control of their rights

  • Campaigning to end violence against women and girls on a local level within the community.

  • Providing a community awareness programme for young women and girls

  • Providing a space to share issues, to listen and be heard.




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