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The Free Me to Be Me offers women and young girls opportunities to gain training and skills in the domestic abuse and harmful practice field, this includes honor-based violence.  


We provide key tools and knowledge to facilitate the managing difficult situations and make difficult decisions.

The programme specializes in addressing domestic abuse within the BME communities, diminishing barriers that prevent women and girls from accessing support and seeking help.


We look at the community, focus on the support networks available, encourage women and girls to engage with the resources they have such as friends, family, and peers.  We also listen and support individuals, sign post according to their need, and help create a local network.


Our aim is not only to continue raising awareness of domestic abuse and harmful practices; it is also to build the confidence of women and girls so they can empower themselves and others.  We want to encourage women and girls to proactively make positive changes with the vision to break the repeated cycle of abuse, make a difference. 


Every Women Matters!



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