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Life After a Refuge....May 2017 By Annoynmous

As the World Looks Down

It's another chapter I face today,

I wish you were next to me as I pray,

The fear and anguish I feel, words cannot describe,

All I want to do is to hide,

The gut wrenching churning,

Unspoken loss and yearning,

The sad and happy memories that will be no more,

The scary path of the unknown as I walk the floor,

As the world looks down on me,

I look to my future,

So many decisions, so many choices, when once upon a time I didn't have any,

Today, I have so many

Do not cry for me when things are down,

Pray for me so I make it round,

Your love and wishes are all I want and need,

Until the next time we meet,

Now my friends, family and loved ones,

I see your true love,

Stand by me tall with heaven above,

Your strength I lean,

Your courage I look towards when right now I feel and doubt my own,

Please do not let me feel alone.

By Black Rose


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