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Life after a Refuge....May 2017 By Annoynmous

If you were here

The thought of you near me, makes me feel safe,

The idea of you holding my pain seems to make everything go away,

Yet the heaviness is very much there,

Deep breaths as I take,

Wondering if each day will pass with fond memories, or sheer misery as I wake

I longed for your complete love,

Warm tender words that made me feel human,

Instead you left me feeling stolen,

Stealing the energy you ungratefully took,

The mental capacity that once gave me my strength,

The ability that enabled me to persevere with my dreams,

The passion within my fears

I still thank you, you taught me well,

Today, I am who I am because your lack of faith,

I know now I can go all the way,

If only you were here,

You would see what I have become,

The strong Independent woman you once broke down,

The pieces I put together, welded my way, in my own time, now enjoying my crown,

Appreciating every piece for its worth,

Something you could never understand,

Today, I raise my crown and take a bow,

For it will never lose its value and I shall not put it down,

If you were here, you would see

The best thing that happen to me!

Letting go, being free and me just being me,

More importantly being happy!

Black Rose


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