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What better way to celebrate International Women's Day than to let you all know about the upcoming events we have planned at Maendeleo Services.

We want to INSPIRE women to be free, provide you with the skills to EMBRACE others to believe they too, have what it takes to be the best they can be and CREATE to let free and truly express ourselves.

Branching off our "Free Me To Be Me" Ambassador programme where we provide awareness training workshops that encourages women and girls to gain the skills to prevent all forms of VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls). The INSPIRE ME TO BE FREE Programme wants to give young women the chance to gain skills in prevents VAWG but most importantly! To gain the skills to help other girls in need. Now more than ever anxiety and depression are at it's highest within young people and whether you may or may not to be experiencing it yourself, now is the time to gain the skills to help make a change.

"Giving small advice can make a big change in another's life".

The Inspire Me To Be Free programme doesn't only focus on increasing awareness of VAWG, Domestic Abuse and Harmful & Hidden Practices but we also focus on mental and physical health touching on topics such as Well-Being, Diabetes, sexual health, Lupus, Herbal Medicine, Detoxing and more. Finding new and create ways to tackle day to day problems we may face such as Art therapy and poetry. Although our focus is getting more young women involved, women of all ages are welcome as these topics can be affected by everyone.

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